Even if it’s just for a month, to see what you can learn from the experience

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If you’re like me, then you go around your day with a constant stream of audio in the background. Whether I’m washing the dishes, walking the dogs, having a shower or using public transport, I’ve always got those “damn podcasts” on ( a quote from my wife).

I partake in all manner of genres: news, politics, true crime, history, culture, comedy — and that’s not even half of them. …

You can ask yourself these questions to find out if you need a career change

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So let me start by saying, I’m not trying to get you to quit your job. Especially in these , a lot of us don’t have the luxury of even considering this as an option.

Also, I think the idea of a dream job can in some cases be dangerous, chasing something that is just an fantasized-ideal that unfortunately doesn’t actually exist.

However, life is short and it’s well-known that one of the most common regrets in old age is In addition to this, the will change career 5–7 times in their lives…

It might free up hours of your time and leave you happier

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Am I the only one who is getting really sick of YouTube amidst the strange times that covid-19 has brought on? It can’t be only me, surely?

I think a lot of us have probably spent more time on the platform over the past 6 months, especially if we are working from home or have been laid off. In the past few weeks particularly, it has dawned on me that watching YouTube doesn’t really make me happier in the long-term and so here are five reasons why:

1. 1984-esque triple adverts

Clicking through three sets of intensely-annoying adverts for products that I have no…

Understanding slang in other languages and applying it to our own lives

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A secret treasure chest

Learning words in another language can be fascinating, kind of like opening this little secret treasure chest of concepts previously misunderstood or unconsidered. A good and perhaps cliche example of this is the German word schadenfreude, which is defined in as enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others. Schaden means damage and freude means joy, so literally ‘damage-joy”.

There is no way to express this concept in English in a single word and so it seems to spark enjoyment & fascination in native English speakers when they hear it for the first time. …

My journey to understanding why this word can be so destructive and depressing

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It’s always struck me as particularly arrogant that some people will say things like “I live my life with no regrets” and “10 years down with no regrets, only lessons learned”.

To me, it just seemed like a ridiculous thing to say; after all, we are all human, we are all inherently flawed and we all make mistakes. I heard these kinds of ideas and just thought to myself: “come on now, get real, just own your mistake and move on”.

defines regret as feeling sorry about a situation, especially something sad or wrong or a mistake that you…

Life lessons learned from a dog fostering experience

Last year, my wife asked me if we could foster a rescue pug. I was hesitant to say yes, because I thought that having one dog was enough of a commitment when living in a high-rise apartment. But she was insistent, and so eventually I relented and said yes.

Little did I know what we were in store for.

Bowser was a three or four year old pug being rescued from a bad situation: he was simply being kept on a very short leash, 24/7, directly next to the road, exposed to all the elements. …

And why you’ll never catch me saying that again

A typical Korean wedding hall

“Korean weddings are so short!” — that’s an exclamation you’re very likely to hear if you attend a wedding in South Korea with other non-Koreans.

Weddings over here are usually very different to most weddings in the West. Most weddings take place in wedding halls: multi-level buildings where a new couple gets married every hour, with multiple ceremonies taking place at the same time, sometimes even on the same floor. Upon entering the busy lobby at my last wedding hall, I found the expectant couple’s venue on a large Samsung TV and then took the escalator up to the 6th…

Stephen White

South African living in South Korea, writing about topics related to cross-cultural issues, sociolinguistics, self-improvement & more.

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